Chairman and Co-Founder

Mrs. Paula Chomba, WOWT NGO Chairman, Co-Founder. With a BA from Temple University in Pennsylvania USA, over the past 20 years, she has successfully run her own music publishing company, EbbanFlow Productions. Having worked with many international independent record labels, and major record companies such as Warner Music France, Universal Music, Saft Music Spain, and others, she has gathered priceless experience in communications, marketing, and promotion for herself, other artists, and companies as well. Her skills include: making a product stand out amongst competitors, communicating with clients and advertising to new ones through social media and other online platforms, excellent verbal and written communication skills that include public speaking and presentations, excellent organization skills, and leading the development and implementation of a company’s marketing, branding, and communication activities.


WOW Tanzania Treasurer and Co-Founder

Mrs. Betsie Green, WOW Tanzania Treasurer and Co-Founder. Betsie is a chartered accountant who has been trained as an auditor by and worked for Ernst & Young on enterprises in retail, small business, the the oil industry, and the financial services sector. With a Master of Science Degree in Risk Management in Financial Services, her recent engagements in the private sector focused on operational risk management in the financial services sector in the United Kingdom.


WOW Tanzania Executive Director and Co-Founder

Mr. Mike Chomba, WOW Tanzania Executive Director and Co-Founder. As a production manager for Pamukai Construction Company in Zambia and also having run his own construction company called, Mikelo-Tech Enterprises, he is qualified and experienced in the construction sector. His skills include the following: inspecting final products to assess compliance with quality standards, production worker, monitoring machinery in operation, identifying concerns, and making corrections, reporting and solving complex problems, documenting production information via daily system logs, material loading, and unloading, machinery operator, forklift operation, and examining incoming materials and documentation for accuracy and quality.


WOW Tanzania Director of Digital Marketing and member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Andrew McGregor, WOW Tanzania Director of Digital Marketing and member of the Board of Directors. Over the past 15 years, Andrew has worked in both transportation and advertising management. As an operations manager for a major food service transportation and logistics company. He has been a highly adept and success-driven leader experienced in commercial logistics management with efficiency in planning and performance maximization. Andrew has also worked as a Digital Marketing Manager at a local Advertising Agency in Cincinnati OH, USA. He is an experienced digital marketing manager with extensive experience building, maintaining, and running successful digital marketing campaigns. Collaborative and creative manager accomplished at managing digital marketing presence. Experienced in leading teams of marketing professionals to meet and exceed digital marketing goals.

WOW Tanzania